Video: Aymeric Caron argues that Manuel Valls fuels a ‘fight for laïcité’

Aymeric Caron recently appeared on the BFMTV show “And at the same time.” The journalist and writer addressed the polemic elicited by Manuel Valls’s recent comments made during a debate organized by the Spanish newspaper El Pais. Rather than speaking out against Islamism, Valls stated that there was a “problem with Islam” in France, which sparked outcries from France’s Muslim community and others.

“Do you believe, as others do, that Manuel Valls uses laïcité to wage a war against Muslims?,” asked Laurent Neumann.

“The word ‘war’ is misused,” Caron replied. “I don’t think the word should be used in this context. Certain people, including Manuel Valls, have manipulated the ‘Islam question,’ and I’m not speaking about Charlie Hebdo. The problem is that with this question we can quickly fall into a simplification that overshadows the debate. Regarding Manuel Valls, yes clearly in my opinion, there is a usage, an instrumentalization for what we can refer to as the ‘fight for laïcité.’ This is normal in France, but it is pushed to its extreme, at times, to become a struggle against Islam,” he concluded.



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