Four children of French jihadists to be repatriated

As the Iraqi military gains ground on ISIS, a delicate problem remains: the repatriation of children born to jihadists. Around 70 French jihadists have ben detained by Iraqi authorities in Baghdad. Among them, there are four Frenchmen and five widows that will not return to France. According to information obtained by Le Figaro there are five children, including one orphan, among the prisoners.

The French consulate in Baghdad has negotiated with the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Services to allow the four children of Mélina B., originally from Seine-et-Marne, and the young orphan who is around three years old, to be placed in the care of Red Cross International.

Mélina B.’s three oldest children have since been repatriated. The mother and her child, who is less than one year old, remain in Iraq. Mélina left to join ISIS with her companion in 2015 and was arrested in Mosul in July before Iraqi forces retook the city. The adults will be tried by local Iraqi judges.


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