Elysée responds to Dalil Boubakeur

Displeased that its rector Dalil Boubakeur was not invited to Emmanual Macron’s annual meeting with the country’s religious authorities, the Grand Mosque of Paris (GMP) announced its withdrawal from the French Council of the Muslim Faith. Dalil Boubakeur has served as the GMP’s rector for more than 25 years and has attended the event annually.

“It is surprising that France’s most symbolic Muslim religious institution, the result of a State law acknowledging the deaths of thousands of Muslim soldiers who died for France in World War I, would be marginalized and even ostracized,” the GMP’s statement read.

The Elysée responded to the GMP’s decision: “It is not us who decided who sent who. We invited all faith representatives via their representative organization: for the CFCM’s Muslims, that is through its president Ahmed Ogras. Each organization designates two people to attend.”

During Macron’s speech, he said that it was “essential” to continue work on “constructing Islam in France,” so that it does not fall into the “crisis” it is experiencing internationally.


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