Politicians speak out against attack on Jewish boy in Sarcelles

An 8-year-old Jewish boy wearing a kippa was attacked by two teenagers in Val d’Oise near the “Little Jerusalem” quarter of Sarcelles. The child was repeatedly kicked by two 15- year-olds, who then fled. His parents have decided to press charges.

Two days after the attack, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe denounced “a new, violent and vicious form of anti-Semitism which is expresses itself more and more openly….We hope that justice comes and that, of course, it is strictly imposed.” The government is currently preparing a new project against anti-Semitism that the Prime Minister intends to be “extensive and ambitious.” It will be presented mid-March during the nationwide educational week against racism and anti-Semitism.

President Emmanuel Macron condemned the attack on Twitter, calling it a “horrible act,” and adding: “Each time that is a citizen is attacked for reasons of age, appearance, or faith, the entire Republic is attacked.”

“The naivety regarding anti-Semitism’s rise must stop. The Republic must be unremitting [in its fight],” urged Républicains president Laurent Wauquiez.

Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, called for “persistent effort to find the aggressors.”

National Front president Marine Le Pen stated: “The insecurity felt by our fellow Jewish citizens is not baseless but instead is the sad reality of the rise of virulent anti-Semitism brought by radical Islam. Words of compassion are not enough, we must act!”

“Gerard Collomb firmly condemns the cowardly aggression…and reaffirms the commitment of services to prevent and combat all forms of anti-Semitism,” the Interior Minister affirmed.

Sarcelles mayor Nicolas Maccioni confirmed that the young boy is in shock but physically ok. “I asked that we reinforce both the patrols, and, above all, strengthen the National Police. This afternoon we benefited from additional police and patrols sent as part of Operation Sentinelle and, as mayor, I decided to also reinforce municipal police patrols, notably in the afternoons when schools let out.”


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