French Council of the Muslim Faith and Great Mosque of Paris condemn attacks

The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) condemned the recent terror attack in Carcassonne. It released the following statement:

“Horror has once plunged our country into mourning in the name of a totalitarian and deadly ideology! The French Council of the Muslim Faith vigorously condemns the terror attacks in Carcassonne and Trèbes, leaving four dead and several injured. Nothing can justify such barbaric acts! The CFCM offers its condolences to the victims and their families, and expresses its solidarity. The CFCM also wishes to pay tribute to the police who have acted with professionalism and composure.”

The Great Mosque of Paris also released a statement in response to the attacks:
“The Great Mosque of Paris and the Muslims of France condemn with the utmost vigor these horrendous and cruel terrorist acts, which demonstrate how we must all remain vigilant against those who, in the name of Daesh’s deadly ideology, continue to strike our country in a reprehensible manner despite close monitoring by our security services. We call all our faithful to remain vigilant and to contribute in whatever way possible to the fight against this fanatical and deadly Islamist radicalization.”





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