French Council of the Muslim Faith Vice President Anouar Kbibech responds to Valls comments on Salafism

French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) vice president Anouar Kbibech responded to recent comments made by Manuel Valls, who suggested outlawing Salafism. For Kbibech, such a prohibition “is like banning unemployment, it’s not so simple.”

“It’s at once unrealistic and impractical,” he stated. “Mr. Valls, who was prime minister when this idea was put forward by Mrs. Kosciusko-Morizet, did take up her suggestion. It’s as if, in an effort to ensure full employment, we would decree that unemployment is forbidden. If it was as simple as that, we would know! There is a substantive work to be carried out, a theological and ideological battle to be waged and the CFCM is mobilized to do so…”

He continued, “It’s for this reason that the Gathering of French Muslims, over which I preside, called this Saturday for a radicalization prevention plan that would unite all actors, whether they be political figures or Muslim organizations, to put a real plan into place for radicalization prevention.”

Kbibech confirmed that “Salafism is an ideology that we must combat,” while also stating that it “represents an extreme minority, about sixty mosques in France.”

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