Gathering of French Muslims and Union of French Mosques condemn Aude attacks

The Gathering of French Muslims (RMF), chaired by Anouar Kbibech, released a statement following the Aude attacks. The group recognized “the professionalism of the gendarmes and police officers who reacted with courage and composure in neutralizing the assailant,” as well as Arnaud Beltrame, who “has the nation’s immense gratitude and profound respect.”
“This new attack confirms that the terror threat level is unfortunately extremely high. This requires vigilance and unfailing mobilization,” he said, calling for a radicalization prevention project with the participation of all actors concerned, “thus allowing us to devise a global plan for the eradication of this terrorism which corrupts our society.”
A large gathering of Muslim federations, like that of 2015 after the attacks of 13-November, was to be held Saturday, March 24 at the Institute of the Arab World (IMA) but has been postponed.

The Union of French Mosques (UMF) organized a gathering of imams and religious figures from across the country, “to deal with the concept of jihad and its instrumentalization by terrorists and extremists of all kinds.”
“Conscious of the need for the widest possible contribution of French imams and chaplains in the fight against terrorism, the UMF will continue to mobilize its 13 Regional Unions through the programming of numerous meetings on the different concepts misled by extremists claiming Islam,” the organization announced.
“We condemn with desperate force this attack that targeted the city of Trèbes and caused the death of 4 people by an individual moved by feelings of hatred,” said Kamel Kabtane, rector of the Great Mosque of Lyon, and Azzedine Gaci, rector of the mosque of Villeurbanne, saluting the “heroic gesture” of Arnaud Beltrame as well as “his determination and his sacrifice” which “command our admiration and help promote national unity.”

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