Salafist preacher El Hadi Doudi expelled to Algeria

The controversial Salafist preacher Imam El Hadi Doudi was expelled to Algeria following a lengthy legal process.

The 63-year-old’s expulsion followed a deportation order issued by the French interior ministry on Tuesday. Doudi’s expulsion application was suspended pending a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which finally ruled in favor of the deportation on Thursday.

The ruling followed an appeal by the Salafist cleric’s lawyer, Nabil Boudi, who argued that his client would be tortured or suffer “inhuman or degrading treatment” if he was returned to Algeria. The court granted the French government 72 hours “to gather the additional information necessary to make an informed decision”. Doudi was held in an administrative detention center pending the court’s final ruling.


A confidential government investigative report, seen by the New York Times, cited numerous sermons by Doudi, where he preached that Jews are “unclean, the brothers of monkeys and pigs”. Women, the preacher stressed, could not leave their homes without authorization, and an apostate “needs to be eliminated by the death penalty to protect Muslims.”

In its expulsion application, the French Interior Ministry cited the radical imam’s “deliberate incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence against a particular person or group of persons”, notably women, Jews, Shiites and people committing adultery.

“This expelled imam is in no way affiliated with the [religious affairs] sector, except that he is Algerian,” said Algeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Aissa.


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