Ramadan: elementary school offers a midday room for fasting students

The recent decision by Emile Bockstael Elementary School to invite Ramadan students to return home at table time had sparked controversy. Since, the children concerned benefit from specially equipped premises.

“I was stopped by a child the day before the beginning of the fast and I asked what was done the other years because I have only worked here since January. So I shared my proposal, before parents stopped me and told me the next day that at the organizational level, this was not possible for families,” explained the school’s director. In actuality, for several years the school has made a room available for the children concerned, which is still the case at this time, so they are not tempted.”

“If children have the opportunity to talk about their practice, explain it to others, it is clear that Ramadan clearly entails fasting, but it is also a moment of reflection. It is beneficial in several ways.  Everyone gives a little to the other, and children who do not fast or practice another religion also get to know each other,” she added. In the Emile Bockstael elementary school, nearly a third of the students fast during Ramadan. A number of other elementary schools also offer local or alternative activities to the students concerned during lunch time.



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