The official results reveal that no less than 74.9% of Belgians of Turkish origin voted for Erdogan in the recent election. 142,453 Belgian voters of Turkish origin voted and the participation amounted to 53.6%. Voters in the Netherlands (72.8%) and Austria (72.1%) also overwhelmingly voted for Erdogan. In Germany, where Turkey has nearly 1.5 million potential voters, Erdogan won 65% of the vote. In Norway, France and Denmark, he also won more than 50% of the vote.

Overall, Erdogan is doing better abroad than in Turkey. At the global level, Erdogan has the most votes in Lebanon (94%) and Jordan (77.5%).

As De Morgen points out, these results confirm a broader trend. Last year, no less than 77.1% of Belgians of Turkish origin answered “yes” to the referendum in favor of a modification of the constitution, while in Turkey only 51.2% of voters approved this change.

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