French Islam’s Reform: Collomb announces departmental dialogues

A major dialogue to reform the organization and financing of Islam in France will take place in each department from now until September 15, announced Interior Minister Gérard Collomb.

These “territorial foundations of French Islam” must involve the “actors on the ground” in order to improve Islam’s representation, the financing of its places of worship and the training of imams and chaplains, the Interior Minister specified.

The composition of these workshops and roundtables “will allow for representation of the diversity of French Muslims who wish to better organize Islam within the framework of our republican institutions.” This will include “younger and more female” voices and individuals from “civil society” Collomb said.

More generally, the minister wants to hear from “the voices of the vast majority of Muslims in France who do not wish to see their worship misguided by a minority”, that of “radical Islamist movements” and jihadist networks.

The minister announced this new round of dialogue after meeting with the leadership of the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM). During the annual meal organized by the CFCM for the breaking of the Ramadan fast, Collomb had been demanding with regard to Muslim leaders. “It is up to you to lead” the fight against radical Islam, he said.




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