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OP-ED: Freedom of the press and global jihad (J. Cesari)

Since the attacks on Charlie Hebdo on 7 January, the saying (wrongly attributed to Voltaire), “I disapprove of what you say, but I will...

New Book: The Oxford Handbook of European Islam (Jocelyne Cesari, Editor)

The Oxford Handbook of European Islam is the first collection to present a comprehensive approach to the multiple and changing ways Islam has been...

Review of “Why the West Fears Islam” by Jocelyne Cesari

A review of Jocelyne Cesari's new book from the Journal of Muslims in Europe.

Editorial: Why the West Fears Islam – Muslims in Western Democracies

Harvard professor and Islam expert Jocelyne Cesari looks into the mechanisms of the West's fear of Islam, and ponders on how the dominant narrative...