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Ramadan worth £200 million to the UK’s economy

The Great British Ramadan study by Islamic marketing consultancy, Ogilvy Noor, has shown that Muslims observing Ramadan are increasingly being targeted by brands and supermarkets in the UK, which has led to a rise in spending on food and gifts during the month. The worth of the Ramadan economy to the UK is estimated at £200 million.

Chances for money making during Ramadan

According to Ali Topal, owner of restaurant chain Meram (in Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and Ahmed Ait Moha, researcher at Motivaction, many owners of for...

BBC Current Affairs Programmes failing to address radical Islam

The BBC is failing to address the “awesomely difficult questions” facing Britain, including the economy and the threat of radical Islam, according to the...

Gear wheels network for young well-educated Muslims

August 8   In March 2010, young engaged Muslims met to initiate a networks called Zahnräder “gear wheels”. The network´s aim is to provide a professional networking...