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Quilliam Foundation publishes theological rebuttal to ISIS’s manual

The counter-extremism organisation, the Quilliam Foundation, has published a translation, analysis, and theological rebuttal of the “jihadist manual” used by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram.

Gender bias: ‘A woman is a jihadist like any other’

Emilie König is a well-known name in counterterror circles and has come to symbolize the relatively new phenomenon of female jihadism in France. The...

France hands maximum sentence to mother of jihadist

Christine Rivière was handed the maximum sentence for her “unfailing commitment” to jihad and for helping a number of women travel to Syria to...

Outspoken defender of women’s rights founds a gender-equal mosque in Berlin

  The – patchy and insufficient – provision of religious spaces and services for Germany’s growing Muslim population has become a fiercely political issue. This is...
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