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Morrissey suggests link between halal meat production and Islamist extremism

In an interview on his website, Morrissey suggests a link between halal meat production and Islamist extremism, saying “halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of Isis”.

Paris Attacks: 10,000 troops deployed as France hunts for accomplices

Following the deadly attack at Charlie Hebdo and hostage-taking at a kosher market in Paris, the government is deploying 10,000 troops throughout France and...

Law aims to boost halal, kosher food for poor

DETROIT — For the first time, the federal government is required to purchase and provide food banks emergency supplies of kosher or halal products,...

Who should regulate kosher and halal food?

Food and religion--A meaty question? KEEPING the government’s nose out of anything with a religious whiff is one of America’s founding principles. With this in...