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Institute for Social Policy and Understanding: One-third of American Muslims are...

The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding’s 2018 American Muslim Poll has revealed that one-third of American Muslims are “at or below the federal poverty line”. Further research conducted by ISPU to investigate economic disparity within the community examined the demographic factors that are correlated with low- and high-income households in ISPU’s poll.

Survey reveals many different facets of U.S. Muslim religious identity, including...

A 2017 Pew Research Center survey of U.S Muslims examines the extent to which belief in God, social justice, the environment, modest dress, halal food, and marriage, among other factors, are essential to religious identity. The survey reveals most U.S. Muslims believe they have a lot in common with other Americans.

Channel 4’s documentary, The Truth about Muslim Marriage, receives mixed reactions

The Truth about Muslim Marriage surveyed married Muslim women in the UK and discusses how some religious marriage ceremonies, such as the Islamic niqah are not recognised under UK law.

Somali Refugee Makes History In U.S. Election

She's a former refugee, a Muslim, a mom of three, and now the first Somali-American lawmaker in the United States. "This really was a victory...