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Interview: Islam and Europe – An interview with Olivier Roy

GM: In Switzerland, a majority voted for a ban on minarets; in France and in Belgium, the Islamic headscarf is being heavily debated;...

“Full Equality before the Law for All Religions”

French political scientist Olivier Roy is one of the foremost European experts on Islam. His new book, "Holy Ignorance. When Religion and Culture Diverge", will soon be published in English. Eren Güvercin spoke with Roy about the current Islam debate in Europe

Olivier Roy Responds to the Geisser Affair in a Libération Interview

This article features an interview with Olivier Roy on the investigation of CNRS – employed Vincent Geisser, accused by some of holding Islamicist academic...

Secularism confronts Islam

The author has already written elsewhere about the failure of political Islam because of the non-compatibility of the Islamic imaginary with the structure of...