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National Geographic article celebrates the diversity of American Muslims

In her May National Geographic article, Leila Fadel details her visits to different Muslim communities throughout the U.S. The article is part of the Diversity in America series, which covers racial, ethnic, and religious groups, and examines their changing roles in 21st century life.

New Statesman criticised for “fanning the flames of sectarianism” with its...

The cover, which is the fourth of the British magazine to feature the title since 2014, has been criticised by experts and social media users for “flattening” the geo-political complexities of the Middle East through promoting the sectarian narrative.

Sunni-Shia divide in the UK

With many Islamic Societies at British universities mostly under Sunni leadership, the sectarian divides so bitterly apparent in much of the Middle East between...

Dispelling myths about British Muslims

June 21, 2014 Many people have come to regard Muslims as a backward group of religious extremists estranged from wider society and incapable of coming...