Jihad: United call from French Muslims “against Daech,” the Islamic State


Muslim federations and their leaders have launched for the first time a united appeal, a “call of French Muslims,” against Daech.

“We firmly condemn the acts of violence committed by the organization Daesh…against civilians in Iraq and in Syria among Christians, Yezidis, Kurds, Turkoman, Shiite or Sunni Muslims, humanitarians, journalists,” wrote the signatories, who believe that the group has “nothing of a state nor of Islam.”

The text is broader than the “Call of Paris,” which signaled a particular solidarity with the Christians of the East. The new text is approved by ten large institutions, such as the Federation of the Great Mosque of Paris, the Turks of CCMTF, as well as the UOIF, an organization that has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. The majority of places of worship for Muslims in France are thus represented.

“Given the scale of crimes committed by Daech and the importance of the material resources at its disposal, we call on the international community to conduct an investigation in order to determine the liability of supporters of this terrorist organization as well as the origin of their funds,” writes the signatories.

The text reiterates its “call to young French Muslims who would be tempted to go fight on the side of these terrorists, to realize the magnitude of the gravity of these crimes that they could be complicit in, and the heavy responsibility before God and before humanity, of such complicity.”

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