Center for Dialogues Islamic World – U.S. – The West

NYU’s Center for Dialogues was established after 9/11 to address the need for sustained dialogue about the Islamic World, the U.S., and the West. Bringing together a network of top Western and Muslim government authorities, academics, and media leaders, the Center for Dialogues combines international conferences, academic study, and policy review and recommendations with public outreach efforts to increase understanding, promote tolerance, and address the factors that foster radicalism.

The Islam in Europe Blog

The Islam in Europe Blog provides continuous news coverage on Muslims and Islam in Europe, serving as a resource of English translations of articles and research reports from the U.S., France, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Germany, Finland, Iceland, and more. The blog’s international forums and dialogue groups facilitate public discussion of key topics and strengthen professional networks across the field.


IslamOnline provides independent news and analysis on Islam throughout the world. Link provided is a resource for information specifically related to Muslims and Islam in Europe.

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