According to a recent Odoxa survey for The Parisien, the majority of French believe that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are increasing in France. Responding to the question: “Are you under the impression that within the last several years ‘anti-Semitism has increased?’” 68% of respondents answered affirmatively. Seventy-one percent believed that “within the last several years Islamophobia has increased.” The Parisien specified “that phobia signifies fear, so literally ‘fear of Islam,’ while anti-Semitism signifies hostility toward Jews.”

Those on the left were more likely to agree (84%, in contrast with 75% on the right, that Islamophobia has increased, while 75%, in contrast with 66% on the right, believed that anti-Semitism has increased.) “However the French are divided concerning the State’s role in organizing Islam,” stated the journal. To the question: “Should the State take measures to reform the ‘Islam the France,’ or should Muslims decide the organization of their religion for themselves?” 51% of respondents agreed with the first solution, while 48% preferred the second. The online survey took place from February 26-27 and gathered a sample of 1,003 people age 18 and over.

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