Turkish and Moroccan organizations sign petition re-establishment of mother tongue education on Dutch primary schools


Various Turkish-Dutch organizations and the Moroccan-Dutch organization Emcemo have presented 52.000 autographs and a petition to the Education Commission of the Dutch Second Chamber. They want a re-instatement of mother tongue education on Dutch primary schools.

The Court of Justice in The Hague has concluded that the Dutch state is not obliged to finance the teaching of Turkish at Dutch primary schools.

The Turkish labour foundation HTIB is one of the initiators of the petition. According to chairman Mustafa Ayranci mother tongue education is a right for Turkish children which is the reason why it needs to be re-established. According to the organizations the abolishment of mother tongue education is against international agreements, especially the International Agreement for Children’s Rights.

More information about the initiative and the text of the petition can be found via this link:


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