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Director General of MI5 warns of “unprecedented” danger of Islamist terrorism

MI5 Director General, Andrew Parker, has told a symposium of his European counterparts in Berlin that Islamist terrorism represents an “unprecedented” danger to the EU, along with the threat of Russian aggression.

“There is no clear vision or policy on how to deal...

Professor Jocelyne Cesari discusses the lack of policy coherence among EU member states on how to deal with those returning from fighting for the so-called Islamic State.

European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality publishes new...

The report examines women’s involvement with radicalisation and violent extremism in the EU, programmes in place to prevent and counter this, and the role of women themselves in these programmes.

France, Britain to jointly combat online terror threat

The UK and France are moving ahead with a joint plan to fight terrorism, online hate speech, and to crack encrypted data. Speaking together in...