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Tag: Clash of Civilizations

Rarefied Islamophobia

There is an increasing trend among European intellectuals, politicians, and essayists to describe Islam as a major cause of the current identity crisis of...

Christian Science Monitor explores 10 terms not to use with Muslims

Chris Seiple of the Christian Science Monitor writes in this piece of ten terms in which we ought to “be very careful about how...

Tayeb Salih (1929-February 18, 2009)

Romantic ideas of the relationship between East and West, which once held the imagination of Western audiences, have by now given way to the notion of an inevitable “Clash of Civilizations” between Islam and the West. In the shadows of these prevailing and misguided discourses, Tayeb Salih was a man who consistently bucked the trend, choosing instead to communicate through his writing a world that was both conflicted and hopeful [...]

Riva Kastoryano: European conceptions of Islam vis-à-vis Turkey’s candidacy within the...

Dr. Kastoryano is now director of research at Sciences Politique in Paris, having begun her tenure in 1988. Prior to this affiliation, she taught at Harvard University, and since 1988 has worked as a fellow at Princeton, at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin and again at Harvard in 2003-2004. Since 2005, she has also acted as an invited professor at the New School for Social Research in New York. Her research interests today fall broadly to the political sociology of Europe, nationalisms and identity.
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