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Tag: France burqas

Human rights watch condemns possible French burqa ban

Human Rights Watch has condemned France’s possible burqa ban for violating rights of Muslim women, warning the move could stigmatize the whole Muslim minority...

André Gerin profiled in Libération

This newspaper article offers a character profile of André Gerin, who led the six month commission on niqab and burqa use in the Republic....

Chronology of niqab and burqa-related events in France

This timeline describes the recent legislation and announcements on the headscarf/hijab/burqa/niqab in France since 2004.

French Gerin report recommends full-faced veils to be banned

A 32-member multiparty panel led by Andre Gerin presented a panoply of recommendations aimed at dissuading Muslim women from wearing full-face covering headscarves. Another...
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