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Manchester bomber came from strict Salafi family and was radicalised by...

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times, a cousin of Salman Abedi, the bomber responsible for the 2017 Manchester terror attack, discusses Abedi’s radicalisation. He says Abedi came from a strict Salafi family and was radicalised by family of an al-Qaeda terrorist.

Islamophobic letter campaign, titled ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, circulated throughout UK

The Islamophobia watch group, TellMAMA, reports of a threatening letter which publicises so-called ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, a day of violence against Muslims on April 3rd. The campaign encourages acts of violence such as pulling women’s headscarves and bombing mosques.

Sara Khan’s appointment as chief of Commission for Countering Extremism stands...

Khan’s reputation as a “mouthpiece” for the Home Office has caused her appointment to be criticised by a number of politicians and Muslim groups for alienating the British Muslim community from counter-extremism efforts.

European Muslim organisations react to terrorist attacks in Manchester

Condemnations coming from Muslim individuals and groups in the UK and in Europe have multiplied after the attacks in Manchester. Like their national counterparts,...