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‘Islamophobia’: A contested term in UK discourse

Recent claims that Islamophobia does not exist has prompted questioning over whether the term, which some argue conflates the anti-Muslim and the anti-Islam, is a useful one to use.

Channel 4’s ‘Who Speaks for British Muslims’ sparks criticism for its...

The twenty-six minute programme, which aired on Channel 4, accused the Muslim advocacy group MEND of being linked to racism and extremism.

Facebook bans Britain First a week after the anti-Muslim extremist group’s...

The leader and deputy leader of Britain First have been jailed for the religiously aggravated harassment of Muslims, and the group’s Facebook pages have been banned for inciting hatred. Facebook’s actions follow calls from authorities for social media firms to do more to combat hate speech.

As four UK MPs receive ‘Punish a Muslim day’ packages, the...

Suspicious packages received by four Muslim MPs have been linked to the ‘Punish a Muslim day’ campaign. After the incidents were raised in Parliament, the Home Office said a definitive definition of Islamophobia was not needed as Islamophobia is already clearly recognised and effectively monitored.