Families were shocked after going to visit their loved ones in the cemetery over the weekend. Six graves in the cemetery’s Muslim plots of Vosves-Dammarie were vandalized sometime during Friday night.

The perpetrators, who have yet to be identified, poured red paint on the graves, which left smudges and streaks. The commune’s mayor ensured the graves were cleaned. But the families said they would press charges.

Abdelkader Belarbi, President of the Dammarie-les-Lys mosque, visited the family members who gathered Sunday at the graves. “I came here at the families’ request to listen to the people, and most of all to spread a message of peace. This act is unacceptable. But it should not lead to tension. We hope that the guilty individual or individuals will be caught. In the meantime our association will also file a complaint.”

The families hope that “this act has nothing to do with the violent act which occurred in 2015.”

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