Employers back moves to attract Muslim working women

    Employers have backed a positive action campaign to attract more Muslim women into the workplace. Communities secretary Hazel Blears called on employers and local authorities to step up the number of projects that encourage Muslim women into work. But the UK’s largest umbrella body the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said that although it welcomed the initiative it was “disappointed that the initiative is linked to the prevention of violent extremism”. In a statement, MCB said: “There is not a shred of evidence that Muslim mothers could have prevented the tragedy of 7 July 2005 and other subsequent plots which fortunately did not come to fruition.” It said that an “honest debate” was needed to discover the underlying causes without which success would not be achieved in eradicating the roots of violent extremism.http://www.themuslimweekly.com/newsdetails/fullstoryview.aspx?NewsID=CAB61CC94ADAF99B39FB881A&MENUID=HOMENEWS&DESCRIPTION=UK%20News

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