Muslim Girl magazine digitised for UK Muslim Weekly

    A magazine for Muslim teenage girls in the USA, with a small distribution in the UK, is soon to have a digital edition making it more easily available in the UK. The bi-monthly Muslim Girl magazine was launched in the USA last year, with a circulation of 50,000, with the aim of dispelling Muslim stereotypes. It currently has a UK distribution of 1,000. Editor-in-chief Ausma Khan said that the magazine gives young Muslim girls a chance to get involved in issues that matter to them. She said: “There is a real lack of representation in mainstream media and though we expect that to change over the next generation, this is a critical time for Muslims to engage in their broader society. “Muslim girls were telling us that they felt isolated and marginalised, and to us the magazine represented a real opportunity to connect girls together and give them a place where their voices could be heard.”

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