Councillor held by Special Branch at Heathrow

    A Tower Hamlets councillor was detained at Heathrow airport on Wednesday under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, it was reported. Oliur Rahman, who expressed outrage over the incident, was held for more than 30 minutes and quizzed by Special Branch about why he had attended the sixth Cairo international anti-war conference in Egypt. Cllr Rahman reportedly said from Heathrow: “A man standing behind the desk at immigration control asked to see my passport and said he was a police officer. “He asked why I’d been in Cairo, how long I’d been there, what contacts I’d made and where I lived. “I asked what was the purpose of these questions and he said he was from Special Branch and had the right to ask under the Terrorism Act. “So I asked if he was calling me a terrorist. He said ‘no’ and went away and left me for half-an-hour.”

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