Family’s hell at hands of young Islamophobes

    A father told of his family’s three years of hell at the hands of racists after two boys admitted carrying out a number of racially-motivated attacks on the man’s home in New Way, Whitworth. Police said one of the boys, 13, told them he had targeted the family on up to five occasions by throwing eggs at their home because he had a problem with Muslims. But officers decided to give him a final warning caution and the other boy a first warning, rather than charging them. The father said he was disappointed by this outcome and claimed police had failed them. He reportedly said: “I feel completely aggrieved with the situation. It’s been going on for three years now and we’ve even put our house up for sale. “In the past our car and house windows have been broken and bacon slices were put on our door handle. “It is mind boggling. My colour is different and I can think of no other reason of why I am being targeted. “We do not feel safe in our home.” Police said that PCSO Nick Stratton, who had been patrolling Whitworth in plain clothes, caught the boys in the act last Wednesday.

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