Police demand former-terror agent’s book

    Counter terrorism police have won the right to force the author of a new book about terrorism to hand over his research. The book about Hassan Butt, a British citizen who admits that he acted as a recruiting agent for al-Qa’ida and raised tens of thousands of pounds for terror networks. He said he left his network after the London bombings in 2005 and is now helping to turn extremists away from terrorism. In an exclusive interview with BBC Newsnight, he described how he helped hundreds of British recruits get weapons training in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the autumn of 2001. At that time he was working for the radical Islamist group, Al-Muhajiroun, which had set up offices in Pakistan. His network was offering young British Muslims the chance to fight with the Taleban against American and British forces. “We had built links with organisations to get trained, we had built links with organisations which could get people across the border safely and securely,” he told the BBC. He said that his network helped more than 600 British Muslim extremists get terrorist training abroad. One such jihadi was Mohammed Siddique Khan, who led the London bombers in the attacks on 7 July 2005. After the fall of the Taleban in late 2001, he stayed in Pakistan, making contact with Al-Qa’ida.http://themuslimweekly.com/newsdetails/fullstoryview.aspx?NewsID=621141F273E1C0B5AF859E32&MENUID=HOMENEWS&DESCRIPTION=UK%20News

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