The Muslim Writers Awards

    The Muslim Writers Awards ceremony saw Jermaine Jackson, former Jackson Five member and brother of Michael Jackson, presenting awards to budding writers in Birmingham this week with over a 1,000 people attending the event. Organised by Innovate Arts, the events host. Birmingham Mail blogger, Faraz Yousufzai was reported to say: “The atmosphere was electric and people remarked about the quality, diversity and the scale of the event. “It was fantastic having Jermaine Jackson there and had he not given his support from the beginning I do not think we could have done what we did in such a short space of time. “In 12 months we managed to get 10,000 submissions of work which showed us there is an ocean of untapped Birmingham talent that Innovate Arts is starting to discover.” Faraz said the event had helped to build a network of artistic people. “We have been able to build up such a network of writers from across the business,” he said.

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