Russia: Nizhny Novgorod Muslims to boycott flowers, exports from Holland

Muslim spiritual leaders in the Nizhny Novgorod region are urging believers to boycott goods from Holland in response to a the debut of a movie. “To respond such an offence, Muslims of the world have decided to boycott goods made in Holland and film authors and an MP will bear responsibility for all consequences of this action,” said Deputy Head of the Regional Mufti Council on educational work Abdulbari Muslimov. Muslimov noted that flowers and tulips from Holland are popular exports to Russia, and that these should be among the items considered for the boycott. Leaders encouraging the boycott did not specify which from which film the boycott pertains to, but it appears that it is connected to Dutch ex-politician and ex-Muslim Ehsan Jami’s film “Interview with Mohammed.”

Keywords: Russia, Netherlands, boycott

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