For the first time, halal food is being advertised on France’s most-watched private television channels, attesting to the growing purchase power of Muslim shoppers in the country. “Even though people have to fast during the day, Muslims tend to eat more — and better — when they can eat during Ramadan, which is why it is traditionally a period of peak consumer activity,” said Abbas Bendali, director of Solis Conseil, an ethnic marketing consultancy in Paris.

The Panzani-owned, Lyon-based food brand Zakia Halal is running a $430,000 mass-market promotion of halal food. It features a young Muslim couple shopping at a supermarket to promote halal microwaveable meals including lasagna, ravioli, paella, beef, bourguignon and shepherd’s pie.

Bendali added that “It appears the rest of France is starting to regard things like halal food as part of the new mix.”

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