Travelling Iftar Dinners Bring Together Muslims and Non-Muslims

Thousands of non-Muslims are to dine with Muslim families during the month of Ramadan as part of an intercultural dialogue festival in the Netherlands. The dinners are a central component of the Ramadan Festival, which has staged public events throughout the month of Ramadan in several Dutch cities for the past five years. The festival has seen overwhelming public response and is supported by, among others, the Chamber of Commerce and the Amsterdam municipality.

Hospitality iftar dinners were initially offered by Muslims who invited non-Muslims to their homes in small gatherings because “most non-Muslims have never had dinner with Muslims or vice versa,” Aicha Lagha, chairwoman of the Ramadan Festival, told DPA. With increasing interest, those who want to join an iftar dinner can now apply for a seat at the festival website, where Muslims can also sign up as hosts for others. And this year an iftar caravan, a bus decorated in the famous traditional Dutch Delft-blue colors, will travel from town to town to offer iftars to thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims.

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