A room for islam in greve (village in the province of Florence): muslims in the house of the people

The president of the Tuscany Region, Enrico Rossi, participated in a public debate on immigration and integration in the Greve area. The president recognized the crucial role played by local institutions like the House of the People in fostering integration. The House of the People, in fact, has offered one of its rooms for Muslims’ use. The president linked his plan to tackle immigration effectively with his commitment to uphold the values of equality and freedom. He also emphasized that with a population of 150.000 Muslims, Tuscany must grant them the right to worship. He is certain that through dialogue it is possible to build a democratic and tolerant society based on human dignity. He concluded by inviting the Italian parliament to debate and pass a law on a right to citizenship that recognizes political rights for immigrants’ children who were born in our country.

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