Study on Integration: More Detailed Look Necessary


The authors of the study on integration, which was published last week with allegedly

alarming results about many Muslims’ unwillingness to integrate (as reported), criticized

that the media presentation of the study focused too much on only one part of the findings

– namely the 15 to 24% of Muslims in Germany who refuse to integrate. While the federal

minister of the interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, chose to officially present the key findings

without the main researchers, they did not have a chance to correct his presentation

immediately. Now, however, the authors of the study emphasised that they found a

more complex situation than presented by Friedrich – whose statements about Muslims’

unwillingness to integrate were not representative. Furthermore, any statements about a

potential radicalisation were too general, as the researchers found that most Muslims in

Germany reject religiously motivated violence. The authors of the study saw evidence of

one-sided (and negative) presentation of their study in the media and called for a more

differentiated view of the findings.

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