December 11


The mayor of the City State Bremen Jens Böhrnsen (SPD) defined the treaty of the City State of Bremen with the Muslim community as the right step. Muslims would be an integral part of Bremen. The treaty includes the implementation and recognition of religious-related holidays, including school holidays, religious education and burial rituals for Muslims. The treaty guarantees three official holidays: Eid ad-Adha, Ramadan and Ashura. The equality of men and women is a premise.


However, the treaty does not grant the Muslim community the corporation under public law. Muslim teachers will not be allowed to teach Islamic education. Unlike Hamburg, the Bremen Senate did not approve to implement “Islam” as a school subject. Approximately 40000 Muslims live in Bremen.


The Islamic association of Bremen “Schura” welcomed the treaty draft. Khalid Preukschas, board member of the Schura described the treaty as a positive sign for Muslims and Bremen. The treaty would be an important step towards the recognition of Muslims as a part of the society. Muslims have proved their willingness to integrate into the society.


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