There is No Threat from Imam Al Bustanj

August 12, 2013

“Ridiculous, these are complaints that do not stand up” explained the spokesman of the Jewish Community in Milan, Daniele Nahum, in response to the threat of lawsuit from Davide Piccardo. Piccardo, the coordinator of the Islamic association of Milan, in a statement, said today that the association would proceed with a defamation and incitement to racial and religious hatred lawsuit. The lawsuit is in response to comments about Imam Al Bustanj, citing him as an extremist who supports the martyrdom of children.

The controversy began with the end of Ramadan a few days ago. The Jewish community explicitly blamed the Municipal government because they participated in a prayer for the end of Ramadan led by Imam Al Bustanj. The note from the Jewish community coordinator explains the community will not be undervalued.

In the end this debate focuses on those phrases that represent the historical opposition between the two faiths on the issues of the state of Israel and the occupation of the Palestinian land. “We do not intend to take lessons from those who support a state that constantly violates international legality and basic human rights; continuing to conduct a brutal military occupation, which is both racist and criminal” Picard wrote.

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