March 30, 2014


The central council for Muslims assesses the new draft law for dual citizenship as a relevant and right step for migrants. Aiman Mazyek chair of the council interpreted the law as an important step towards modern citizenship, but regretted that the law would not apply to a large part of the migration community. Senior and retired migrants would not be subject of the new draft.

The CDU/ SPD led government has agreed to disclaim the “option duty”, which requires migrants to choose between one citizenship. The new draft will grant children of non-German parents to keep both citizenships, given that until the age of 21, they have lived for at least eight years in Germany or visited German school for at least for six years. Up to now, children born and/or raised in Germany, possessing the German and a further passport are obliged to choose for one citizenship at the end of their 23 age. This law mainly applies to German-Turkish children, which are the largest ethnic minority in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Central council for Muslime:

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