Teacher Discriminated Against for Publishing a “Dictionary of Islamophobia”

October 16, 2013 professor M. Meziti was visited by an inspector who opened a case on his private life and religious beliefs that “fall within the private sphere.” The inspector “expressed doubts concerning his compatibility with secularism, exclaiming after his answers: ‘Oh I’m reassured!’” How could a professional interview become an investigation of such a sort? A group of signatories has gathered to protest the unfair treatment.


“The lack of professionalism demonstrated by the Inspector of the Academy of Nantes is simply unacceptable. This person has overstepped her professional prerogatives. It’s a clear violation of secularism and the law,” they wrote. After reporting the incident to his supervisors Mr. Meziti underwent repeated inspections and on July 7, 2014 was refused the certificate of authenticity of professorship of the second degree by the Rector.


“This measure…is contrary to the provisions of Article L 1131-1 of the Labor Code that prohibits any measure establishing discrimination, direct or indirect, against an employee.” Mr. Meziti was a model employee and had no previous problems at his work. However, after the publication of his book “Dictionary of Islamophobia” the situation clearly changed.


The letter concludes: “The discrimination of which he is a victim cannot be silently overlooked and is a clear violation of republican values. Our Republic, committed to the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, cannot tolerate such actions. The Inspector of Nantes as well as her colleagues as representatives of the French state, must respect France’s values.”

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