French Muslim Community condemns attack against Charlie Hebdo


Several Muslim leaders have condemned the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office. Hassen Chalghoumi, the imam of Drancy, expressed his “anger” toward the “criminals,” and “barbarians” who committed the attack. “Their hate, their barbarity, has nothing to do with Islam,” he affirmed.

Chalghoumi has defended Charlie Hebdo in the past: “If someone doesn’t agree with Charlie Hebdo, they should respond to a drawing with a drawing, art with art, writing with writing, not by hate and blood.” He called on the state to “launch an attack against these internet sites, these people who manipulate the Youth.”

Dalil Boubekeur denounced a “a completely wrong, sick, psychopathologic view of the religion. We want to live in harmony, it’s contrary to our ethics, to all of our values. We do not accept that these follies will define our times.”

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