For the first time, the number of young women reported leaving to wage jihad outnumbered men, according a BFMTV report. In examining the statistics since the government introduced a number for families to report those suspected of leaving, the proportion of women reported was 45%, compared to 55% men. However, in March 2015 the numbers were nearly reversed: 136 women compared to 125 men reported.

Since April 29, 2014, 3,670 cases were reported. 67% of reports came from the government hotline, while 33% were reported using the Internet. According to Pierre N’Gahane, charged with terror prevention, “women are significantly involved and, by its scope, this signals a new phenomenon.”

According to the Interior Minister this development is a result of the Islamic State’s propaganda directed at women. Despite the new statistic, the increase in reports in March 2015 was minimal. Alain Chouet, former director of security intelligence, argued there is a “bias effect” because “parents are more aware of their daughters’ wrongdoings than their sons.’” The “relative freedom” that boys are allowed permits them to organize their travel plans, in contrast to young girls who are “subject to their families’ attention.”

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