Saudi cleric Aaidh al-Qarni was suppose to give a lecture in al-Fourqaan mosque in Eindhoven, but since Italy withdraw his visum for the Schengen area, he was unable to travel to the Netherlands. The reason for the withdrawal allegedly has previously expressed hateful and anti semitic thoughts.

According to the Contact Body Muslims and Government (CMO), representing 80% of the Dutch mosques, al-Qarni is on the contrary, a person that within the salafi stream of Islam, expresses objections towards extremism. Spokes person Yassin Elforkani stated that al-Qarnis’ words have been taken out of context. For example his so-called jihad against the Americans in Iraq. Elforkani says that people worldwide where not keen on the American invasion of Iraq.

CMO further pleads for clearer criteria on when to deny so-called ‘hate imams’, because currently they are not clear, which causes a lot of confusion.

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