Thoughts on Dutch elections: DENK

While the racist party of Geert Wilders got 13 percent, in total 1,269,374 votes with 20 deputies, the DENK Movement received a total of 216,111 votes that is 2.1 percent of the votes with 3 MPs. Â

Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, both of Turkish origin, who separated from PvdA (labour Party) due to differences of opinion two years ago, showed a great success in the March 15 elections. They entered the parliament with 3 MPs. After the Wilders’ party, DENK is the second only example that became a chosen Political Party in the Dutch Parliament after such a separation. DENK became the voice of the hopeless, the oppressed, the rejected and the silent. DENK made a smashing success with the slogan ‘The Netherlands belongs to all of us’. But the real hard work starts after today. DENK must now take on the role of the masses on its shoulders and act upon it. Of course, the electorate should not have big expectations. Because a political movement will take time to institutionalize.

I would like to wish success to all the Dutch Assembly, to Europe, for the sake of Dutch-Turkish relations and all of humanity.

Veyis Gungor

March 21, 2017

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