“Muslims of France” (formerly UOIF) issues statement on Tariq Ramadan

Muslims of France (formerly UOIF) issued the following statement regarding Tariq Ramadan’s detention:

“Muslims of France has learned with concern of the deterioration of Mr. Tariq Ramadan’s state of health. His continued detention is all the more worrying, as Mr. Ramadan has been extremely cooperative with the law.

Mr. Tariq Ramadan was regularly invited to the Muslims of France Annual Meeting. His thoughts, values, positions and teachings have always been in favor of Muslims’ civic integration. He worked to forge this French and Muslim identity among younger generations, one that is balanced and open, proud of its spirituality and committed to its country.

Throughout the years, Muslims of France has never noticed the slightest immorality or contradiction between the values promoted by Tariq Ramadan and his behavior.

We believe that respect for fundamental rights and the presumption of innocence are among the foundations of our country’s justice system. We have confidence in our country’s justice system and are convinced that it will respect the presumption of innocence.

We hope that Tariq Ramadan’s health, as well as his entire case file, will be carefully examined, far from any media or ideological pressure.”

Muslims of France

La Courneuve, February 14, 2018.



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