A new survey by the Pew Research Center has found that a majority of non-Muslim Americans (89%) say they are willing to accept Muslims as neighbours, with though less, a still significant majority (79%) saying they would also be willing to accept Muslims as members of their family.

While those in Western Europe also appeared willing to accept Muslim neighbours (83%) , they appear less willing than Americans to accept Muslims as family members (66%). Individual European countries showed variations in the acceptance of Muslims in the family, while those in the Netherlands showed 97% were willing and two-thirds of non-Muslim French people (66%) say they would accept a Muslim in their family, only just over half of British (53%), Austrian (54%) and German (55%) adults say the same, and Italians the least likely (43%).

Education has an impact on the willingness to accept a Muslim into their family in the United States, with 86% of adults with a college degree in US willing to accept a Muslim into their family, compared to those without a college degree (75%). Similar results are found in Europe. For example in Germany, 67% of those with a college education would be willing to accept a Muslim into the family, and this falls to 52% among those without one, with the United Kingdom showing the same trajectory (71% vs. 44%).



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