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#OurZakatBelongsHere: The Case for the Local Distribution of Zakah

Mamnun Khan has recently examined the way in which British Muslims give zakah, a very relevant topic for Ramadan. He argues for the local distribution of zakah as it is not only more effective, but also in accordance with Islamic theology.

Foundation for Islam in France officially launched

It’s official: the Foundation for Islam in France has been launched. The secular foundation, meant to serve as a "public utility," is one of...

Salafists donation campaign for Syria closely watched by German security authorities

October 3rd   On Thursday October 3rd, which is the day of German reunification, more than five hundred Salafists gathered in the city of Cologne to...

Most Muslims say they fast during Ramadan

A recent Pew Research Center survey of more than 38,000 Muslims around the world shows widespread observance of Ramadan. In the 39 countries and territories surveyed,...